Since its inception, the investment in environmental awareness and education, pillar of SUMA's social responsibility policy, has been one of the key elements in the differentiation of the company's performance. Through its promotion of urbanity and citizenship, its priority is to educate the population to adopt behaviours and routines of reduction, reuse and recycling, in a logic of development of functional environmental literacy.

Active strategies: competence certification, animated story, door-to-door contact, introduction and operation of selective deposition systems, room games, role-plays, training, animation and awareness sessions.

Passive strategies: thematic advertisements, network distribution, passive distribution, mobile and static awareness.

- more than five hundred campaigns designed;

- about four thousand awareness-raising supports, with informative, ludic and utilitarian values;

- more than a thousand and a half of actions carried out over more than a decade and a half;

- intervention in a hundred municipalities, three Portuguese-speaking countries and one Arab country;

- approximately one hundred and fifty thousand Portuguese approached, on average, per year, half of them in differentiated direct contacts;

- specialized internal team with more than two dozen professionals from the social sciences, pedagogy, environment, communication and design fields.