Auto evaluation and monitoring of systems are indispensable to maintain the quality of services provided; it also simultaneously guarantees the detection and correction of anomalies. SUMA carries out the integrated control of environmental parameters for the waste and water treatment systems in its laboratory, which is accredited by Norm NP EN ISO 17025, in accordance with the technical accreditation annex that states it is accredited for water, liquid effluents, solid waste and sample collection. The lab is also bound to monitoring by the Regulatory Agency for Water and Waste Services (ERSAR) and monitoring and audits from the Portuguese Institute for Accreditation (IPAC).




- Water for human consumption
- Bathing water
- Pool water
- Water from industrial processes
- Waste Water
- Surface and subterranean waters
- Leachate
- Microbiological and physicochemical

   Sample collection and transportation


  Studies for physical characterization
  Physicochemical characterization of waste
  Characterization of mud and soil for agricultural valuation
  Waste characterization for depositing in landfills (Decree-law 183/09)
  Chemical analysis of soil, mud and organic correctives


  Environmental monitoring of landfills
  Characterization and evaluation of water treatment processes
  Studies on environmental variables